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About The CBD Fact

The CBD Fact ( is a leading authority on CBD and vaping, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of cannabidiol and vape culture. Our platform is dedicated to providing accurate, well-researched information to a diverse audience, ranging from beginners seeking guidance to seasoned enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Why Partner with The CBD Fact?

Targeted Audience

Reach a highly engaged audience interested in CBD, vaping, wellness, and lifestyle. Our readership includes individuals actively seeking information, making The CBD Fact an ideal platform for brands targeting this niche market.

Authority and Trust

Benefit from our reputation as a trustworthy source in the CBD and vaping space. Align your brand with a platform known for its commitment to unbiased, evidence-based information.

Diverse Content

Take advantage of our versatile content, including in-depth guides, product reviews, lifestyle features, and the latest industry trends. Our content caters to a wide range of interests within the CBD and vaping community.


Leverage our interactive platform that encourages community engagement. Through comments, social media, and forums, The CBD Fact fosters a sense of community among its readers, creating a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience.

Media Pack Highlights

Audience Demographics

  • Age: 18-45
  • Gender: Diverse
  • Location: Global
  • Interests: Wellness, CBD, Vaping, Lifestyle

Monthly Reach

  • Website Visitors: [X]
  • Social Media Followers: [X]
  • Newsletter Subscribers: [X]

Advertising Opportunities

  • Banner Ads: Prominent ad spaces on our website for maximum visibility.
  • Sponsored Content: Collaborate with us to create engaging, informative articles.
  • Product Reviews: Feature your products in our unbiased review section.

Partnership Options

  • Event Sponsorship: Elevate your brand at industry events through our participation and promotion.
  • Exclusive Features: Collaborate on exclusive content or series that align with your brand message.

Custom Campaigns

  • Tailor campaigns to meet your specific goals, whether it’s brand awareness, product launches, or engagement-driven initiatives.

How to Get Started

For partnership inquiries, advertising rates, or to discuss customized campaigns, please contact our team at [email protected]. We look forward to exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with your brand!

Thank you for considering The CBD Fact as your trusted partner in the CBD and vaping space.

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