Editorial Complaints Policy

At The CBD Fact, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity and providing accurate, unbiased, and informative content. We take any concerns about our editorial content seriously. If you have a complaint or concern about an article or any aspect of our editorial content, please review our Editorial Complaints Policy.

Submitting a Complaint

Contact Information

  • To submit an editorial complaint, please send an email to [email protected]. Provide your name, contact information, and a detailed description of your concern.

Nature of Complaint

  • Clearly outline the nature of your complaint, specifying the article or content in question, and describe the specific aspects that you find problematic. Be as detailed as possible.


  • If applicable, provide any supporting evidence, such as screenshots, links, or references that can help us better understand your concerns.

Review Process

Receipt of Complaint

Upon receiving your complaint, our editorial team will acknowledge its receipt within [X] business days.


Our editorial team will thoroughly review your complaint, including examining the relevant content, checking for accuracy, and assessing the context in which it was published.


We will keep you informed about the progress of the investigation and, if necessary, seek additional information or clarification from you.


Based on the findings of our investigation, we will take appropriate actions, which may include correcting inaccuracies, updating content, or providing clarifications.


We will respond to you within a reasonable timeframe, generally [X] days, with the outcome of our investigation and any actions taken.

Appeal Process

Unsatisfied with Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you may request a further review by contacting our Editorial Director at [email protected].

Editorial Director Review

The Editorial Director will conduct a secondary review of your complaint and the actions taken. A final response will be provided within [X] days.


In the interest of transparency, any corrections, clarifications, or updates resulting from editorial complaints will be clearly communicated within the relevant content.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Editorial Complaints Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for helping us maintain the highest standards of journalistic excellence at The CBD Fact.

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