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Why Advertise with Us?

Targeted Audience

The CBD Fact attracts a niche audience passionate about CBD, vaping, wellness, and lifestyle. Your ads will be seen by individuals actively seeking information and high-quality products in these domains.

Trusted Platform

Align your brand with a trusted and reputable source in the CBD and vaping community. The CBD Fact is known for providing accurate, unbiased, and evidence-based content, establishing credibility that benefits your brand.

Global Reach

Reach a global audience as we connect with readers from various corners of the world. Whether your target market is local or international, The CBD Fact can help you extend your brand’s reach.

Versatile Advertising Options

  • Banner Ads: Choose from a range of banner sizes and positions on our website for optimal visibility.
  • Sponsored Content: Collaborate with us to create engaging articles that seamlessly integrate your brand message.
  • Product Reviews: Feature your products in our unbiased review section, gaining exposure and credibility.

Social Media Exposure

Leverage our active social media presence to amplify your brand message across platforms.

Advertising Opportunities

Banner Ads

  • Homepage Banners
  • Article Page Banners
  • Sidebar Banners

Sponsored Content

  • Articles, Features, and Guides
  • Social Media Campaigns

Product Reviews

  • In-depth, unbiased reviews of your CBD or vape products

Custom Campaigns

  • Tailored campaigns to meet your specific marketing goals

How to Advertise with Us

For advertising rates, available slots, and customized campaigns, please contact our dedicated advertising team at [email protected]. We’re excited to collaborate with you and help your brand thrive in the CBD and vaping space.

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